Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5 FREE things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase Business Exposure

As business owners, you're probably already aware of the paid digital advertising options that are available to you, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. And yes, you should be focusing a portion of your budget on these paid options, because your competitors most definitely are.

But what about FREE marketing solutions? Things you can do RIGHT NOW?

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Free or "organic" marketing options should not be overlooked. With the rise of social media and video marketing, businesses are finding that the number of outlets for advertising are growing exponentially. There are many compelling options now to get your message in front of your potential customers, without forking over a boatload of cash.

Here's a compiled list of 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your business exposure for FREE:

Content is king on the web. Writing easy-to-read, valuable and concise blog posts is just about the easiest thing you can do to increase business exposure. Blogger.com and Wordpress.com are two free blogging platforms to get you started.

Don't clutter the web with content your customers won't care about, however. Make sure you're writing articles that can help your customers, or at least make it something they'll be interested in. It doesn't have to be directly about your business either, it can simply be related.

Videos, whether live or recorded, are becoming increasingly popular in social circles. Facebook even recently added a "Live Broadcast" option, where you can videotape yourself live and allow viewers to view and comment.

While you may not be ready for the live camera just yet, there are other video options you can partake in. Ask past clients to go on camera and get a video testimonial. Videotape yourself talking about your business. How about a walking tour of your office? These types of interactions resonate strongly with potential customers, who can get a feel for your business before they take a step inside.

And you don't need a fancy camera these days to film in quality: purchase an inexpensive digital camera or, if you have no other option, use your smartphone for videotaping.

3) join local Facebook groups
Facebook Groups can act as a Digital Chamber of Commerce, if used correctly. Search on Facebook for groups in your area of service. Try typing in keywords such as your city, county, region, business interest (ex: mommy group if you're offering baby-related services), etc.

Whether you join a job-posting group or a community group, the exposure you can get with these cannot be understated. Every group is moderated differently so be sure to read the rules before posting. Some will let you post once a week, while others let you post as often as you like.

And don't just post blindly! Make your posts interesting and helpful. Posting about an exclusive offer is a good way to create interest. Additionally, commenting on other posts with helpful tips can be a huge brand booster, as it will not only increase goodwill with the poster but also increase your business exposure.

4) create a facebook event and invite PEOPLE TO "LIKE" YOUR PAGE
Positive reviews and feedback about your business is extremely important. But it's difficult to get people to "like" your page on Facebook or leave a review, even if they REALLY like it! A good way to garner likes and reviews is to turn your attention to people you already know and who know your business.

You can invite people you are already friends with to "like" your page by going to your page and selecting "Invite Friends". But to target even more people, you can create an Event on Facebook as invite your friends to this event to "like" your page. Encourage them to invite friends of friends, people who are familiar with your business or service area. Be sure to invite past and present customers as well. If they don't like it, this could be a good opportunity to get valuable feedback.

Offering some kind of incentive with their positive "likes" and reviews is a good way to get more response as well. A couple of ideas are to offer a chance to win movie tickets, or a free giveaway for one of your services to one lucky selected person.

5) Add a "google my business" listing
Google My Business might be something you're already familiar with, though it has changed its name and overall look numerous times. It was formerly called a Google Maps listing, and then it merged with Google+, and now they've settled on Google My Business.

Google My Business contains your map listing, reviews, photos, videos, and is connected to your Google+ account. Having an updated listing with GMB is extremely important, as it is rooted in your organic and paid search results as well. Visit http://business.google.com to sign up and make sure your business information is up-to-date, including any links to your website, social media, blogs, and videos.

Source: Ascendants - Targeted Digital Marketing. Ascendants provides customer acquisition solutions through targeted digital marketing for all types of businesses — from entrepreneurs to large corporations. www.Ascendants.net

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